The hottest sunglasses trends to watch this year

With summer now here, it’s time to look at sunglasses trends for 2024 so you can select your favorite style for the season ahead. Our style experts highlight some of the top trending sunglasses styles to captivate fashion lovers and keep you on trend for the upcoming summer break.

Chic Cat Eye

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Effortlessly glamorous, the cat-eye frame shape has never really gone out of fashion, but this season, it’s making a big comeback. Expect to see an updated version of the classic shape with the inward-tilt cat-eye shape, first seen in the 60s, making a splash. We stock cat-eye sunglasses and other angular frames – perfect for chic vintage eyewear lovers.  

Retro Aviators

Retro Aviator Sunglasses

As another style that just refuses to quit, the aviator will always have a place in the sunglasses market. The classic wire-framed version is still going strong and makes a good choice, but this season, chunkier acetate frames are featuring strongly.

Colored lens tints are all the rage, a feature that matches perfectly with oversized aviator frames. We stock a wide range of aviator sunglasses. Choose yellow, orange, or light blue lenses to look ultra-fashionable, and make sure they have appropriate UV protection.

Classic Tortoiseshell

Classic Tortoiseshell sunglasses

This season is all about the classics, and another one that’s big on the scene is the timeless tortoiseshell frame. You can choose from our selection of tortoiseshell frames in the shape that best suits your face.

A great plus is that your new tortoiseshell sunglasses will still be fashionable for years to come with their earthy brown, mottled patterns that range from dark and subtle to pops of brighter yellow-brown hues for a striking appearance. It’s a look that is easy to match with different outfits, whether you’re going for a professional or a casual day look.

Cool Colored Frames

Cool Colored Frames

If you want a bold and bright look that you can wear with confidence that emulates summer, colored frames are the trend for you. Choose from our selection of colored shades and go for oversized frames for the glamorous look or choose a more understated colored metal frame. You can make a neutral outfit pop or complement a colorful outfit choice with either strong primary colors or a more delicate palette.

Adventurous Sports Shades

Adventurous Sports Shades

If sporty is your aesthetic, you can complete the look with a pair of cool sports sunglasses. Whether you intend to wear the shades while playing sports or not, the ergonomic shapes and rimless designs look super sleek. The coverage these designs give means your eyes are even more protected from UV at all angles, too.

Sports sunglasses also come with a variety of tint options that accommodate various light conditions, helping you see better whatever your activity. Check out our wide selection of sports sunglasses to see what suits your lifestyle.

Find Your Perfect Shades

The best way to find your perfect sunglasses is to visit your local Cunningham Optical One in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or one of our other locations. There, you can try on frames from our collections, and we’ll be happy to help you decide on the best sunglasses to keep you on trend for summer and beyond.